Patient Testimonials

Here’s what some of our patients have said about their care at Portland Emergency Dental

“Very nice people,very efficient,I like everything about my recent appt. there. And it is very nice to have a dentist office that is open the hours that they are open.
thank you!”
Mike C.

“I had a wisdom tooth removed and the people I dealt with were very quick and efficient. *great job*Thanks*”
Alex S.

“You all rock! Both, professional and willing to work with me. I really appreciate it. I’ll be back.”
Jon E.

“There was no discomfort. It was quick.”
Henry M.

“Got me right in the same day I called. Very friendly staff”
Clifford P.

“’0′ for enjoyable, but ‘5’ for great work. Thanks”
Steven G.

“Real quick and friendly! Thanks”
Marcella R.

“These people know the deal. Great service and great personalities”
Jeremiah O.

“Loved that they refunded some money when the procedure was less than expected. Many offices would have still charged the full amount.”
Joseph L.

“The appointment was easily made. The dentist was gentle and assistant very nice. Thank you!”
Edna M

“Everyone is awesome here. Made me feel very comfortable. I loved it.”
Kenneth P.

“Very satisfied with the work that was done and the dentist. I’ll recommend Emergency Dental to my friends and family.”
Carol D.

“You all were great. Thank you”
Heather C.

“You’re staff is very friendly and helpful! Good experience. I would recommend you to anyone.”
Geri H.

“Good job!”
Antoine L.

“Prompt service was greatly appreciated. Thank you!”
Laura B.

“Thank you for having payment plans. All of you were very nice.”
Angela O.

“Always treated well here. Very friendly and professional.”
Julie P.

“Thank you very much!”
Michael M.

“Awesome dentist very gentle.”
Jacqueline B.

“Very comfortable all things considered”
Tim Q.

“Great staff! Real helpful”
David B.

“Appreciated fast service”
John B.

“Fast service-no waiting nice staff”
Deidre M.

“Best dental experience I’ve had in years.”
Jennie T.

“Fast Service”
Darrin M.

“I was really afraid before I came in and you guys made me feel very comfortable and safe. This is the best care I have ever received. Thanks for all your help and I will recommend you guys to anyone.”
Kevin T.

“Fantastic help! Thanks.”
Jeffrey C.

“Be back soon”
Guillermo S.

“Great Service”
Creed S.

“Good time”
M Kurt H.

“Being at the dentist is never a five star experience, but these guys always do a good job.”
Curtis B.

“I appreciate that your office was able to fit me in so quickly and provide prompt care.”
Rahina B.

“The doc and assistant was very companionate when I was fearful and over reacting to the shots in my mouth. Thank you.”
Bill F.

“I have been treated very well in all of my visits. Thank you very much.”
Kathy B.

“Great staff…Love coming here!!”
Jo V.

“Love this place, affordable and very good work. Thank you”
Gordon R.

“Fast, yet Cautious”
Steve S.

“Sweet, considerate staff. Impeccable young dentist. Thank you so much.”
Susan A.

“Thank you so much. Everyone is pleasant. My dental assistant was very proficient and nice the doctor did excellent and quick work.”
Laura T.

“Great staff and didn’t have to wait long. Doc is great.”
Chai S.

“The assistant was very sweet.”
Sarah B.

“Very comfortable-painless. Thank you.”
Christian H.

“Getting teeth pulled is never fun, but a job well done.”
Diane J.

“For a root canal I think it went great! The doctor was very fast and the team worked well together!”
Jan A.

“No pain, Good people”
Suna R.

“Love you guys, Thank you!”
Jennifer G.

“I was so nervous for this root canal. I was freaking out but my doctor was amazing and the root canal was 10x times easier than I imagined.”
Megan R.

“Thanks for your service.”
Michele V

“Conscientious and caring. Responsive to my needs.”
Sean G.

“Thanks, have a nice day.”
Steven W.

“I appreciate being seen on the spur of the moment. I read many good reviews on the internet. It’s the reason I came in here and you were fast, efficient and friendly.”
Dion W.

“Quick, nice, efficient.”
Albert W.

“Had a lot of anxiety, but the Dr. worked fast with no pain. Thanks!”
Shane S.

“Thank you”
Ivan T.

“Fairly painless and quick.”
Ben L.

“They were very efficient and friendly at the same time.”
Darrin C.

“Excellent procedure and friendly bed-side manor. Good experience.”
Lindsay D.

“The staff and doctor are great; very happy.”
Peter T.

“Great job, friendly courteous staff. Will be back and will recommend. Thank you guys so much!!”
John P.

“Thank you for your help! God Bless!”
Kathy B.

“Very efficient, easy to deal with. Thanks.”
Kyle G.

“Everyone was wonderful!”
Travis L.

“Best dental visit ever! Ya’ll are super amazing! ”
Ashley L.

“Thank you.”
Julian H.

“You are amazingly talented and patient. Thank you.”
Ann B.

“Thank you for informing me of my options and helping me understand the outcome of the procedures.”
Jeff K.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am very glad I came to you guys.”
Michael H.

“Reading the x-ray, assessment of options, referral to specialists, and management of serious infection followed by restorative services- for ALL of these services your doctor deserves 5 stars and more. Two crowns last week look beautiful and fit perfectly! Safety hinges on the diagnosis but the finished results really matter too. Many good dentists are around but none can compare to this doctor.”
Johanna L.

“Thank you for helping take care of these issues we call teeth. =)”
April P.

“The staff was wonderful! Thank you!”
Nicole F.